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After being in the same location for over 30 years we have finally moved. Our location is still easy to find. We are in Park Centre III on the west access road to the Dallas North Tollway just south of Parker Road in Plano, Texas. 


Our firm’s mission is to insure that bankruptcy filers get the fresh start guaranteed to them by the bankruptcy code and other federal and state laws.

Unfortunately, creditors don’t always stop trying to collect debts after they have been discharged in bankruptcy. Nor do they always properly report the bankruptcy discharge on the consumer’s credit reports. Sometimes this is inadvertent but other times it may be intentional. Either way it is illegal and may cause a consumer considerable mental anguish and financial loss.


These violations can be blatant and obvious like a telephone call or collection letter, but other times a consumer may not discover the violations for months or years after the bankruptcy case has been closed when he goes to buy a house, a car, or to rent an apartment. Suddenly he discovers that his credit score is no better than what it was before he filed bankruptcy. This may be due to his creditors failing to update his credit reports to show the bankruptcy discharge.


Our firm can put a stop to blatant discharge violations and make sure creditors properly report a consumer’s credit after bankruptcy and at no out of pocket costs to them. We know consumers coming out of bankruptcy usually don’t have extra money to be hiring attorneys to enforce their legal rights after bankruptcy. Nor should they have to. So, our services are provided on a contingent fee basis. We believe the offending creditors should pay our attorney’s fees not our clients.


Consumers who believe their rights may have been violated should contact our office to arrange for a free discharge compliance review.

Manchee & Manchee, P.C. is dedicated to exposing and getting relief for consumers who are victimized by predatory creditors and abusive collection agents.  in this spirit Jim Manchee contributed to this very informative Business Week Article, Prisoners of Debt.

Go Broke, Die Rich

Manchee & Manchee has been a leader in defending small business owners for over three decades. In fact William Manchee has written the book on it. Go Broke, Die Rich, an update of the critically acclaimed Yes, We're Open which has been  published in six foreign countries. Complimentary copies are available for firm clients.